The NFL needs to figure out what it wants from replay. Taking major challenges out of...

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Mon Sep 19 10:54am EDT The NFL’s new replay review rules are becoming a debacle This looks like a catch to me. Then again,florida state football jersey, so did Calvin Johnson's(notes) touchdown last year as well as countless other replays in recent seasons that have been dubiously overturned with evidence deemed "indisputable." You're telling me that there's not at least a 35 percent chance the ref would have looked at this,mlb team jerseys, seen something you or I didn't or applied some arcane rule of which we were previously confused or unaware,baseball shirts, and ruled this an incompletion? If I were Norv Turner,authentic college jerseys,retro nba jerseys, I'd have been willing to take that bet. (And knowing Turner's 30 history with challenges,blank nhl jerseys, you know he'd have taken that bet.) Replay delays are fine if they're meaningful. The problem isn't that the game stops too much it's that it stops for too long when it does. The NFL doesn't need to analyze replays like the Zapruder film; it should only take 15 seconds and three camera angles to determine if the ruling on the field was incorrect. Anything longer than that and the ruling on the field should stand. If you have to look that hard for evidence,create nba jersey, chances are it's not going to be indisputable. Neither of these plays ended up mattering too much in the result of the games. One week soon,design hockey jersey, a non-reviewed touchdown will and could swing the balance of a game. The NFL will then have a major new problem to handle,nba jerseys wholesale, one of its own creation. No trackbacks yet. By Chris Chase [Set your lineup anywhere with Yahoo,shop nfl jerseys! Sports' Fantasy Football app] When it was announced that all scoring plays would be reviewed by a booth official,how to make a basketball jersey, the biggest concern was that too many touchdowns would force a trip under the hood and games would be unnecessarily delayed. Yet a far bigger problem has emerged through two weeks of the NFL season: Replay officials aren't buzzing referees enough. Twice on Sunday,womens nhl jerseys, questionable touchdowns went unreviewed by the booth,create a hockey jersey, and coaches who might have challenged these calls last year but are unable to do so this season were left powerless to do anything about it. No one has commented yet. One of these plays came in the New England Patriots vs. San Diego Chargers game: I remember with a defensive end from Auburn University faked an injury to get a time-out. Looks like Jerry Jones pulled that same card. madden 12 easports online ranked match steelers draft cam newton superstar mode glitch franchise new feature super bowl superbowl obama vick eagles rodgers jets polumalu troy offense touchdown colts patriots review football highlights cowboys giants nfl fighter funny intro saints dallas vikings pittsburgh brett picks bears tackle raiders redskins nfc packers manning cheats tips playbook custom create community cardinals interception The Chargers coach couldn't challenge,create a baseball jersey, though,nba youth jersey, because all scoring plays are now in the hands of the same replay official who deter 30mines which plays should be reviewed after the two-minute warning. In terms of scoring plays,cheap baseball jersey, the coaches' challenge is dead. If the replay official doesn't see it,wholesale hockey jerseys, there is no challenge,hockey jersey designer, no matter what the coach thinks. Had Smith been able to challenge,cheap nhl jersey, the ball would have been marked at the 1. Without a buzz from the replay official,personalized hockey jerseys, the Saints instead lined up for an extra point. Other popular stories on Yahoo,2012 nike nfl pro combat uniforms! Sports: ??Touchdown celebration goes hilariously wrong ??Longest-suffering sports city may surprise you ??Video: Thunder star Durant wears hat of rival team Turner may not have won that challenge. Over in New Orleans,v neck baseball jersey, Lovie Smith certainly would have won his,ice hockey jersey, if it had been allowed. In the Chicago Bears game against the New Orleans Saints,alabama football jersey, running back Darren Sproles(notes) clearly stepped out of bounds on his way to the end zone. Officials on the field ruled it a touchdown,nfl football jerseys cheap, even though replays showed the Saints running back step out of bounds on the 1-yard line.

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